Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A promise is a promise

So, in my last post I promised to write about whoever was insane enough to read my ramblings and be my 3000th hit.  I have been reminded by my awesome (and I'm not being sarcastic, she really is!) mother-in-law that I made this promise and Mr. 3000 is still waiting on his post.  So here it goes....

I'd like you to meet my friend/relative/step-uncle-in-law, Tom.  It's complicated.  I could try to explain it all to you, but, like most families, trying to line it all out for you would just confuse you.  All you really need to know is that Tom is cool.  I'd post a picture, but for some reason I can't find one of him in all of my files.  Perhaps it is because he suffers from the same disease I do.  You know, that one we like to call stuckbehindthecameraitis.  See, Tom is an avid photographer...and a good one.  He took engagement pictures for Mr. Smartypants and I.  I tried to talk him into taking our wedding pictures too.  He was and is (as far as I know) smart enough to avoid taking pictures for Bridezilla.....did I mention he's smart?  He's also an active member of his local Citizen's Police Academy.  But the thing that always brings Tom, and his sweet wife Kathy, to mind is their love of dogs.  Especially these dogs:

This is a Kerry Blue Terrier.  And like many dog breeds today, these beautiful creatures are being bred in puppy mills all over the United States.  Tom and Kathy, along with many other volunteers, work tirelessly to rescue these dogs and find them homes where they will be loved and properly taken care of.  So, in honor of Tom, my 3000th hit, I want to bring attention to Kerry Blue Terriers and rescue efforts of this breed and others.  To find out more about Kerry Blue Terriers, click here.  To find about puppy mills, rescue efforts and how you can help all breeds, click here, or here, or here.  I ask you to think twice before buying a dog.  NEVER buy a dog from a pet store, and always do your homework if you're considering a breeder.  My best advice and honest opinion?  You should just adopt one through a rescue organization.  They'll match you up with your perfect pet.  One that will move into your house and your heart permanently. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

People actually read this garbage??

Right now, as I type this, my blog is dangerously close to 3000 hits.  WHAAAAT?  My little ol' blog, really?  There are that many of you out there that have nothing better to do with your time than listen to some crazy woman who moved her four kids half way around the world??  You need a life as bad as I do.  I could tell you to go get a life, but then who would listen to me wax crazy poetic.  So as I chase Itchy and Scratchy up the stairs to the bathtub, I'm taking the time to stop and say "Thank You" to all of you who read this hot mess.  I hope that you at least get a smile out of our day-to-day antics.  I honor of the 3000th hit, if you are it, take a screen shot and email it to me.  I'll drag you into this crazy mess by posting about it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Today marked a shift in the tides, a time of change, a day of new beginnings for Mr. Smartypants, and me, too.  Today we said goodbye to a pair of good and faithful friends of my husband.  I "inherited" these "friends" when I married Mr. Smartypants almost 6 years ago.  I am not nearly as fond of these "friends" as Mr. Smartypants is.  He loved his "friends".  They were comfortable.  They knew him well; he knew them well.  I, on the other hand, had more of a love-hate relationship with them......


You may remember them from this post

Today we said goodbye to these horrendous lovely things.  Mr. Smartypants, always the practical, undramatic type, uncerimoniously walked into the living room, dropping them in the floor, and said, "I'm gonna have to throw these out.  They're done."
"Really??"  My head snapped up from the computer screen my eyeballs had been glued to.  "Are you serious?"
"Yup, they're shot."
"Can I do it??? PLEASE?"
With a chuckle and a nod from Mr. Smartypants as he disappeared up the stairs, I snatched up the shoes and ran outside to the trash container, but not before I grabbed my camera to document this monumental occasion.

I'll refrain from showing you the inside of the trash can....there are just some things that one shouldn't share.

I considered humming Taps or something equally respectful, but since I was paying my respects alone, I figured why bother.  I threw the dueces (that's flashing a peace sign with my fingers as a sign of my exit for those of you not in "the know") and walked inside.  Goodbye, Ugly Shoes, Goodbye.


Mr. Smartypants informed me that the lovely shoes had been in his possession for 12 years, that would be 6 before me.  NO wonder they were so nasty.