Monday, January 25, 2010

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

by Ree Drummond


As far as cookbooks go, this one takes the cake. If I were gonna write a cookbook this is how I would do it. Good recipes and great stories. It is truly a cookbook you will want to sit and read. A popular blogger by trade, Ree Drummond knows how to chat casually with her audience even in printed word. Her stories will amuse and entertain while her recipes will comfort your soul and your growling stomach. I highly recommend the Rib-eyes with Whiskey Cream Sauce....yummmmmmmm. I hunted this book down and bought it at a Barnes and Nobles in Dallas. I paid full cover price and don't regret it one bit. It doesn't hurt that I was a Pioneer Woman fan long before I purchased the book. The only negative I can find with this book is that some of the recipes are for things that a good Texas girl like myself grew up knowing how to cook. I have my own recipes for beans and cornbread (although hers is good).

Book Review Rating System

Just so you all know what my rating system will be and what the stars mean:

* Only read it if you have NOTHING else to read. Airplane magazines might be better.

** Read it if you are bored, desperate or stuck in a doctor's office with 2 year old gossip magazines.

*** Read it if your preferred book is already checked out of the library or if you happen to catch it on the clearance rack.

**** Good or very good read. Worth picking up and dedicating some time to read. Might not be a great value, but worth it to treat yourself or someone else.

***** Great read and worth every penny you'll have to spend. Go out and hunt it down. Or, could be a great book at a good value.

My first book review

Once I let this cat out of the bag, many of you will laugh, and those of you with little girls will nod approvingly.

Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy by Jane O'Connor. ****

Now many of you were probably expecting something of a more intelligent tone, and we will get to that I promise. But as a mother, I find myself reading about 100 times more children's books than adult ones so it seems fitting that I would start with the current obsession at my house.

Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy is a fabulous tale of a froofy girl and a plain family (I like to make up words as I go). She is glamorous and over-the-top, much like little girls see themselves. It's an entertaining story with a good lesson built right in so well that your kids would never know it is actually good for them (man it sounds like vegetables). There are several Fancy Nancy books and even dolls to go along with it. I highly recommend it for your little girl or a gift for any girl (of any age).

I give it 4 out of 5 stars. (Only four because I really need there to be more of these and because it isn't a super great value as I haven't been able to find the original books in anything but hardback.)

Coming Soon to a Book Shelf Near You....

I like to read...a lot. I mean, really, if I could spend the rest of my life curled up with a good book I would never want for anything. Except maybe a bathroom and the occasional cup of coffee. One can not live with out coffee. And coffee creates need for a bathroom...I mean really, we all know what I mean. I have had the privilege of reading a variety of good books as of late. Some fiction, some self-help, some cookbooks (yes, you can indeed read a cookbook, I just don't recommend it when you're hungry or on a diet), some serious, some cheesy. I have decided to share my picks with you, my faithful readers. I will even recommend WHO should read it (this will require a bit of stereo-typing so please take all recommendations with a grain of salt and merely as my opinion) although don't let my recommendation stop you if you aren't, say, a teenage girl. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was an enjoyable read. Even if I haven't been a teenager in over a decade. Wow, I'm really old. Regardless, I will share what I'm reading or have read, and how I feel about it. I would love your feedback if you have read the same book or suggestions for books I should lay my hands on and read. My first review will surface soon....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Looking Back

A college roommate of mine (and fellow blogger) wrote a post recently that inspired me to write one of my own. When I look back on the previous decade, I am amazed at how much has gone on in my meager little life. And so, for a recap, I present the following:


graduated college
got a job
got married
changed careers
had a baby
got divorced
moved across the state
moved to Houston
met the most wonderful man in the world
moved back across the state
got married
gave up my career (that I was beginning to not like anyway)
had twins
watched my husband go off to war
raised infant twins and a 4 year old by myself
watched my husband come back from war (safely)
moved to Missouri and
had my fourth (count 'em folks...there are four) child.

My best friend has invested time and money in schooling for counseling and therapy. There is a stress assessment test that they use to determine when one's life has handed them too much. Each major change in a person's life adds points to that person's stress level...the higher the points the higher your stress and subsequent craziness. This said...please read the above list in reference to why I'm crazy as a bedbug. Just sayin'. It is an excuse...but a valid one.

Happy New Year!! And may the next decade be just as stressful!!!!!!!!!!