The Herd Mistress

Hi, I'm Haley and this sand storm is my life.  I am a mother of four.  I am an Army wife.  I sew.  I cook.  I blog.  I believe in America.  I believe in the innate goodness of people.  I believe in God.  I am loud.  I am emotional.  I am passionate.  I am real.  I am who I am.  This blog is where I go to share my life.  Every life is filled with joys and heartaches, good times and bad.  My life is no different.  Being a military spouse doesn't exempt me from those seasons, it amplifies them.
Come along on this trail ride we call life.  Grab a horse and hold on tight.  Stampedes are wild rides, and this one is no different.  Hope you enjoy Stirring Up Dust.