Monday, February 15, 2010

The long-anticipated DANCE

So I promised and here it is weeks later and I'm finally gonna make good on that promise. The twins and Mr. Smartypants had a fabulous time at the dance. They got their picture made, danced a few then split and got ice cream with a couple of their BFFs. All in all it was a great evening. It totally served the purpose it was supposed to serve. The FLW Chaplain's office sponsors this dance yearly to allow Dads a chance to show their daughters how a real date should act. It also allows for father-daughter bonding time. Now, our kids aren't old enough to even know what dating is and you can only really "bond" so much with a three year old at a dance where balloons are present. But it is sooo important for Mr. Smartypants and I that we do things like this with our kids. As our kids get older, they will have evidence of their dad taking time to dress up and do something FOR THEM. He gains little out of this except time with his babies, and more reasons to be loved and adored by them. I am super proud to have a husband who finds these things important above all other things and super proud to be part of an Army and an Army Post that sees the importance in family.
Enough with the blubbering...on with the pictures. That's what you've all been waiting on anyway.

Itchy and Scratchy's BFFs are in the pictures too with their dads. Then the three dads took their dates to Dairy Queen for icecream.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Coming Soon...THE DANCE

"Are we going to the dance?"
"Can we go to the dance now?"
"Is the dance today?"
"Is it time for the dance?"

No, I do not have teenage girls who are going to prom with the football captain. At least it wouldn't appear that way if you could look in a window of my house (but I'm glad you can't because that would be weird). My girls are preschoolers. There is no highschool football captain here. Just a beat-up ol' dad with bad knees and a couple of stinky brothers. But on Saturday afternoon my preschoolers and the beat-up dad will transform themselves into two little princesses and a knight in (Army Dress Blue)shining armor. The knight will help the princesses up onto (into) his big blue horse (can a Ram be equine for one night? use your imagination here) and whisk them away to the ball (father-daughter dance). The princesses are quite excited about this. I absolutely love that they get this memory with their dad. They will grow up knowing that they are Daddy's special little girls, that they are loved more than life, that they are truly special and worthy of only the best....just like I did. So, girls, the dance is still two days away, but your gowns are ready and I know you'll be the most beautiful princesses least in your daddy's eyes.