Thursday, December 30, 2010

The first adventure was not so fun...

in fact it was quite scary.  We had made what seemed like our 100th trip to the mall.  As we were leaving we passed one of those bungee cord/trampoline jumper things that are often found at the mall parting parents with their money.  Some kid was on it doing back flips so we stopped for a moment to watch.  We gathered the kids, headed toward the door then stopped to put on our coats.  I put scratchy's coat on first then turned to deal with other children.  They were all standing right around us.  Once my husband and I got everyone's coats on we walked out the door.  Half way to the parking lot, almost simoltaneously, we realized that Scratchy wasn't with us.  We turned around and my husband ran inside to get her, thinking she just wasn't looking when we walked out the door and was probably standing there looking around, scared.  When my husband didn't come back quickly, then returned empty-handed, I felt my heart drop.  I could feel the panic creeping up inside me.  We started looking for her and another older couple stopped what they were doing to help us look for her.  With in minutes, while we were looking, some nice woman, another mother, came out the door carrying her.  I cried and thanked her and hugged my baby.  The other woman reported that Scratchy had been very scared, but very brave.  My husband carried her all the way to the car.  I can assure you that was not the way I had envisioned our adventure beginning and certainly is not something I want to repeat.  I'm just glad God protected her, sent someone nice to help her and she was returned to us safe and sound.


  1. Ow my word that is so scary I am so glad that it turned out ok. Love you all and see you soon

  2. I can only imagine how you were feeling! So glad another mom was there...can't wait to see you all.-Renee