Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stealin' a Peek

Our new home in Germany is equipped with a kitchen window to die for:

And it just happens to overlook the neighborhood playground.  While doing dishes this afternoon I glanced outside to see the most wonderful sight, a little girl and her daddy playing on the swings.  But this wasn't just any little girl.  You see, my next-door neighbor's husband (well, I guess technically he's my neighbor, too...but he wasn't here when I moved in so...well get what I mean) had been deployed for the last 12 months.  And he came home today.  My neighbor has been a flurry of activity for the past couple of days as she has worked hard to make his homecoming special.  And the little girl out my window, well...that was her 4-year-old daughter, swinging with her daddy...who just came home from war.  So I picked up my coffee cup and watched out the window, hoping not to be noticed, but enjoying the sweetness of the moment.  A princess and her knight in camo armor, swinging in the park.  I don't have a picture of it, but I think taking a picture of it would have somehow stolen the intimacy of the moment for them.  I felt bad (if only just a little bit) for even stealin' a peek.  But I just couldn't help myself.


  1. Haley oh Haley... must you always bring a mist to my eyes? Lovely post once again, I can only imagine what a beautiful view it was.

  2. I Love your blog your amazing you could so write a book. I luv u all and hope to talk to you soon and see u soon :)