Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our new neighbor

Life in the military has its share of ups and downs. One of them being moving all the time. We live in military housing here at good ol' Ft. Lost in the Woods so all of our neighbors are also military. Moving trucks are a common occurrence and it's no big deal to see two or more in the neighborhood on the same day. New neighbors are a given in our life, and they run the range from nosey to friendly to nasty to down right stand-offish. Our newest neighbor seems to flex between nosey (or maybe just really curious) to stand-offish. Check him (or her, we're not sure) out.

He lives in the trees behind our house and often spends his evenings perched on the powerlines that run back there. He seems very curious about us when we choose to hang out on the back patio. I think it disturbs him that Mr. Smartypants was cooking his cousin, the chicken, the other night.

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