Thursday, January 21, 2010

Looking Back

A college roommate of mine (and fellow blogger) wrote a post recently that inspired me to write one of my own. When I look back on the previous decade, I am amazed at how much has gone on in my meager little life. And so, for a recap, I present the following:


graduated college
got a job
got married
changed careers
had a baby
got divorced
moved across the state
moved to Houston
met the most wonderful man in the world
moved back across the state
got married
gave up my career (that I was beginning to not like anyway)
had twins
watched my husband go off to war
raised infant twins and a 4 year old by myself
watched my husband come back from war (safely)
moved to Missouri and
had my fourth (count 'em folks...there are four) child.

My best friend has invested time and money in schooling for counseling and therapy. There is a stress assessment test that they use to determine when one's life has handed them too much. Each major change in a person's life adds points to that person's stress level...the higher the points the higher your stress and subsequent craziness. This said...please read the above list in reference to why I'm crazy as a bedbug. Just sayin'. It is an excuse...but a valid one.

Happy New Year!! And may the next decade be just as stressful!!!!!!!!!!

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