Monday, January 25, 2010

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

by Ree Drummond


As far as cookbooks go, this one takes the cake. If I were gonna write a cookbook this is how I would do it. Good recipes and great stories. It is truly a cookbook you will want to sit and read. A popular blogger by trade, Ree Drummond knows how to chat casually with her audience even in printed word. Her stories will amuse and entertain while her recipes will comfort your soul and your growling stomach. I highly recommend the Rib-eyes with Whiskey Cream Sauce....yummmmmmmm. I hunted this book down and bought it at a Barnes and Nobles in Dallas. I paid full cover price and don't regret it one bit. It doesn't hurt that I was a Pioneer Woman fan long before I purchased the book. The only negative I can find with this book is that some of the recipes are for things that a good Texas girl like myself grew up knowing how to cook. I have my own recipes for beans and cornbread (although hers is good).

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