Sunday, November 21, 2010

So after a long break.....

Okay,  so I've done a really crappy job of blogging as of late.  I know, I know.  I should do better.  And I want to, really I do.  I see women who blog daily and have thousands of loyal followers and I dream that I will never be that...I like my privacy too much.  But I do like the thought of people actually being interested in what I say.  I've tried a dozen different things to make my blog interesting, but I have decided that none of those things, by themselves, are really worth writing about (and therefore reading about) everyday so I will not follow a formula of having a subject that I blog about, and instead will blog about what I feel like blogging about on any particular day...whether it be my faith, my family, my kitchen, my shopping habits or my craft room.  I might even blog about blogs...I do follow some good ones.  Regardless, I will blog as I see fit about whatever is in my brain at that is my blog after all, so I can pretty much do whatever I want, right?  If  you don't like it, you don't have to read it.  It's a free country, no one is forcing you to read this disaster.  Feel free to find a new web page to look at.  With that said, because this is a free country, I will say whatever I want whenever I want because it is MY blog.  If you disagree, I encourage you to start your OWN blog and gripe about me all you want.  I have the freedom not to read that.  Just as I have the freedom to delete comments left here that I don't like.  Just sayin'.  It's my blog and I'll delete if I want to.  Not that any of my two loyal readers would ever leave a disparaging comment, but just in case someone stumbles onto my blog and decides they don't like me...I have covered my ground (and my rear-end).  Now that I have officially stomped my soap-box into oblivion, I will go on with my other-wise boring life and share some sort-of boring things with you.  The holidays are coming up...all too fast in my's already almost Thanksgiving  and I am nowhere near prepared for it.  This year may well be the year I am the turkey.    Less you think less of me, I must inform you that I have started a menu in my head for dinner (it has to do with food, people, you had to know I would have thought of THAT if nothing else).  Our best friends in the universe are coming for the holiday and she is as good a cook as I we should all gain a hefty 10 lbs. (Here's hoping we burn most of it just to keep the weight off)  So here's the menu (so far, I'm sure it will change a hundred times):

Thanksgiving with The Herd:

Deep fried turkey (seriously, we're southern...did you expect something else?)
Mashed potatoes
Bobby Flay's brussel sprouts
corn on the cob ('cause I'm creative like that)
green bean casserole
pink fluff
fruit salad
some kind of sweet potato...although the jury is still out on how to prepare them
cornbread dressing (stuffing is for Yankees)
buttermilk pie
pecan pie\
chocolate pie
coconut pie  (yes, we do indeed like pie, why do  you ask?)

As we get closer to the big day, I might share my recipes with you....if I feel up to it.  Until then, dream of deep fried giant turkey drumsticks and plot your course of leftover actions....

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  1. can't wait until next year! Hope you all have a great thanksgiving!~ Renee