Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am reminded...

With so much going on around us, I am sometimes amazed that God shows Himself in the way he does. The man from Bonham, TX, the mom from the northern mid-West with the faith of Moses even with a very sick 4-month-old(see Keeping Up With the Kovics to find a link to read her story), the story that my Bible study leader shared with us where she was inspired when she visited a church and watched 12 or more people be baptized into God's kingdom (there were enough that she lost count and had to guess). The list of things that show God to us is unlimited if we will just open our eyes. With all these things, I am reminded.

I am reminded:

-that my children are not my own...they are on loan from their Father in Heaven. He was kind enough to entrust them to my care for as long as He sees fit.

-that even when the world seems dark and gloomy--beyond hope even--that God is STILL in total control.

-that when a situation seems hopeless...where there is God, there is ALWAYS hope.

-that God works in EVERY situation, even if we don't quite get how.

-that I, in my limited knowledge and capability for understanding, will never, never truly comprehend God's reasons or His plan.

-that I was fortunate enough to really get to marry my best friend. If all the world would turn against me, I will still have him and God on my side.

-that I should pray more often for my friends...that they see God around them like I the good and the bad.

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