Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Munchies

Okay, folks, here it is. Many blogs I read have a day of the week that they feature the same type of thing each week. Not me Mondays, Wordless Wednesday, Fashion I have come up with Monday Munchies, where I share a recipe that I frankly think is fantastic. It might be microwave-warm-up easy or a little more difficult, but always "Haley proof" and tried on my poor family who occasionally eats some pretty crappy dinners because I "thought the recipe looked kinda good".

Here is the first edition of Monday Munchies:

Pork Chops with Black Beans and Salsa

4 boneless thin cut pork chops (they need to be the little ones, otherwise it takes FOREVER to cook them
1 Can of black beans
1 cup of salsa

Seriously folks, that's it.

Brown the pork chops in a skillet with a touch of olive oil (or for you Rachael Ray fans, EVOO). Add the can of beans and the salsa and simmer until beans and salsa are warm.

Seriously, thats it...nothing more. Just that.

I ALWAYS at least double this recipe. Unless you are feeding a family of squirrels, it just doesn't make enough.

Serve it with spanish rice, or steamed veggies. This is incredibly low fat and good for you. But you don't have to tell your family that!

This is a standby for me. I always have the pork chops on hand and ready to thaw. Salsa is a staple like flour, salt and pepper in my house and I make sure I always have black beans. Dinner is done in 15 minutes...take that Rachael Ray!!!


  1. I was very impressed the first time you made this for me...It is very yummy- and crazy easy! Tastes like it should have been hard! Looking forward to Monday Munchies!

  2. Great! I'm going to be starting a recipe blog, so we'll have lots of recipes to swap. Always good to try things that someone else has tested out for you already!