Monday, March 30, 2009

Where is a Catholic priest when you need one??

My business with Gwen is beginning to take off. We have a couple of orders pending and are expecting more in the next couple of weeks. With this taking off and our lives as busy as always, we're finding that working our schedules so we can actually work together is sometimes difficult. So we sometimes bring work home with us and do it when we can squeeze it in, like nap time. I am finding that I am using my sewing machine almost daily. Now, if you've been reading my blog, you might remember when I said that my sewing machine might need an exorcism....well folks, I think we're to that point. In the last week I have broken two needles and managed to sew feet of stitches before realizing my machine had come unthreaded. This may not sound like a big deal...but oh it is sooooooooo frustrating. I belly ache about the "stupid piece of crap sewing machine" daily and have the urge to throw it out the back door at least once every other day. I have already asked for my Christmas guessed it...a new sewing machine. A fancy one. That doesn't come unthreaded. But seeing as how December is still a really long way off, I'm gonna need to find a faster solution to the possessed sewing machine...does anyone know a Catholic priest I can borrow...I can't promise the sewing machine won't attack him...just that the sewing machine won't vomit green stuff or have a spinning head...oh, and he'll need to bring a nun who can she can varify my story about the possessed sewing machine...someone will need to understand that its behavior is not normal, nor of this world.

In other news...
Stay tuned tomorrow for my big Monday surprise.

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  1. Okay--it's Monday already. I don't like waiting for surprises.