Friday, May 15, 2009

It's been a while....

So it's been a while since I've posted anything noteworthy. I have fallen off the wagon on Monday Munchies and Tuesday's Tornadoes so I will be blessing you with a little of all of the above, even though it isn't Monday or Tuesday. I have the greatest kids on the planet (at least I feel that way sometimes, but we all know it passes quickly). We accompanied Mr. Smartypants to softball practice and here are some delightful results of said trip:

How is it that Scratchy can go from this.... this so quickly??

Oh yes, this is why (please notice Scratchy's rear).

She busted it in the puddle. It was quite graceful....wish I could have gotten it on camera. Not unlike her graceful mother...who, by the way, spent Sunday (that would be Mother's Day, if you're keeping track) in the Labor and Delivery Ward at the hospital. No, the new baby isn't here yet (give me some credit, I'll let you know). I gracefully tripped over my own two feet and slid into homebase in the fellowship hall at our church. Nice, right. It's genetic...just ask my dad...he's picked my mom up off the floor too many times to count.

So what exactly happens when grown men gather to play softball, you ask? Well, they forget to call the parks and rec department to get keys to the field to practice so they get locked out, but decide to have practice anyway. What happens when one of the grown men hits a ball over the fence into the locked field???


Noodle becomes "ball boy" and must scale an 8 ft fence about 50 times over the course of an hour.

Where is Itchy in all of this....well, being Itchy of course...
I'll be back later with a recipe and maybe some other stuff too. My connection takes forever to upload pictures.

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