Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Since we all have nothing better to do...

Not really, I mean, I know we all have tons of stuff going on in our lives, but there is a little event (if you can call it little) going on tomorrow that I would like to remind everyone of. Yes, tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer. If you aren't signed up for a time slot through your own church or religious organization, I would encourage you to stop at some point during your day and talk to the Big Man. Not sure what to pray for? Well, the event is coordinated so that we can collectively pray for "the powers that be". Aka the Government, the Military (a special shout out for this one, we need it), the Media, Business, Education, Church, and Family. It was signed into law as a nationally recognized day by good ol' President Reagan in 1988 (thank you Ronnie) who must have had insight into where our country was headed and what would be needed to our country from digging itself a hole straight to...well you get the idea.
Still not sure what to pray for?? Well, here's some stuff that will make you want to fall to your knees and cry to God...

President to observe National Day of Prayer privately
(um, a paper proclamation??)

High School Teachers Influence Student Views Of Evolution & Creationism, U Of Minnesota Study Finds

The American Family in Decline

Not to mention that everywhere you turn, our business and financial system seems to be crashing down around us. We should all say a prayer for all the Madoffs out there ripping off innocent Americans and throwing our financial system into chaos.
There are a million and one other things to pray for, but, lest we forget, there is much in our country that needs our attention. I hope you take time to speak to the Big Man about things that bother you.

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