Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just a quick update

So I went to the doctor today and it was just another five minute visit. So ya feelin' ok? Yup. Any pain? Nope. Okay we'll see you back next week.

Thanks. No news. I had some contractions last night, but of course they stopped. The doctor did estimate the baby to be about 8 lbs RIGHT NOW. If I go a couple more weeks, he'll be large and in charge. Who wants to put their money on 10lbs??? Any takers???

On a positive, yet somewhat scary note...It looks like we may be getting bigger quarters SOON. Like in the next week or two. Of course, baby Sean will wait until they hand us the keys, tell us we have five days to be out of our current house and then, and only then will he decide that he wants out. Gotta love Murphy's Law.

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