Thursday, September 2, 2010

This week's grocery trip....

Okay, so I was shooting for $100 a week to run my household, basically.  If I were just looking at the next two weeks I would have totally blown it, but I'm a big picture thinker, so I  haven't blown it yet.  It will be the middle of the month shopping trip that will determine that.  This trip's total ran $340.  Still not bad considering I bought lots of stuff that should last a lot longer than two pink syrup for my kids' milk (please see previous post if you think this is a luxury item...I  promise, it is not.) and a tank of vegetable oil.  I also had to buy a new Swiffer Wet Jet as Mr. Smartypants got a little carried away cleaning my floors for me and broke the handle on my old one...not that I'm complaining.  He mops.  'Nuf said.  I bought almost $30 worth of diapers.  Moose will be the only 14 month old that I know that is potty trained if the diapers don't go back on sale at Walgreens soon.  All in all, it adds up rather quickly.  So we'll see how I end up at the end of the month.  I'm gonna keep a tally of all my trips to the store (even just for milk) and see what my total is at the end of the month.  That should be a better indicator of my actual average.  So for the fun part....What I Learned At The Grocery Store This Time...

1.  Never ask your husband if there is anything he would like for  you to pick up for him.  He ends up listing expensive, border-line healthy, "diet" type frozen foods and canned soup.  Next time I will forget to ask, taking stock of his razor stash myself.

2.  Clip all the coupons, even if you don't feel like it.  I totally got lazy and only clipped enough for exactly what I would buy.  Then I realized I could have used different ones instead and would have done better.  Laziness is my enemy.

3.  Stick to the list.....focus focus focus focus focus.  Hot wing flavored Pringles are not on my list...but they are in my pantry.  (For the record, they are totally yummy)

4.  DO NOT talk to your mother about your little brother's upcoming wedding on your cell phone while in the junk food aisle.  For that matter, don't talk to your mother while you're in the grocery store at all.  Again, focus focus focus focus. 

5.  Just because your boys like plain Cheerios, does not mean you have to  buy them even when they aren't on sale.  It's okay to omit things from the list as  you shop...just don't add. 

6.  Don't have dogs that are picky eaters.  They're more expensive than picky children.

7.  Bulk meat is only a good deal if the unit price is actually better.  READ THOSE LABELS.  Price per pound people, price per pound.  I found most of the "family size value packs" were the same price as the smaller packs.  Exception....ground beef. 

8.  Watch the checker scan your stuff...make sure it rings up right.  I was over charged 30 cents per dozen on my eggs.  Doesn't seem like a lot until you add up how many dozen I bought.  6...cost me almost $2 in over-charges, just on the eggs.  If you can't watch the checker, check  your receipt.  Again....focus, focus, focus, focus, focus.

I shouldn't have to go back to the store for much this time.  Milk, of course, because we go through a gallon a day in my house.  My fridge won't hold two weeks' worth.  I would need my own walk-in cooler.  Hmmm....that gives me an idea....focus focus focus.

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