Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finally...after all that waiting

Are you sick of waiting on me to get my act together yet? Well, I'm finally getting it together just for you, just because I love you all so. Really, I do....I swear. Okay, so not as much as my kids or my husband, but I still love ya bunches.....

Enough I have this exciting new surprise that has kept me busy and away from my computer...and no, it isn't another baby...those of you who thought that will be lined up and shot at will. By a really large firing squad that is really scary looking. I promise...

Okay, we go. Can you guess???

We have a new place to live!!!!!
Now this may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but as Lesli and Debra can testify to, my previous digs were anything but spacious. I've seen ants with bigger houses than what we had. All six of us were crammed into a very small 3 bedroom house with no garage. We literally lived on top of our stuff. We had been on a list for larger quarters since last November. Finally we got called. What a glorious day. The new place is much newer and MUCH MUCH larger. We actually have a place for everything we own! And all our children too. Please pardon the dirty laundry and piles of randomness that appear in every picture. We were moving and hadn't quite gotten settled when these pictures were taken. We are much more settled now, although parts of my house are still a mess (like my closet, go figure). Mr. Smartypants and I are basking in the glory of space. A commodity that was hard to come by a few weeks ago.

A side note:
after looking at the pictures I just posted, I realized they in no way do our house justice in reference to the space we have. The rooms are larger than they appear. I'm a crappy photographer. What can I say?

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  1. YEAH!!! I forgot you were waiting on that list! I was (after a brief laugh at thinking you were pregnant) thinking you guys got your orders for your next duty station...I was wrong...but yeah for more space...the kitchen looks huge!