Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eating socks.

Okay, just when you all thought the washing machine debacle was over, here we go again. Sort of. I ran the front-loading washing machine cleaner through my wash on Thursday and it still didn't work. Actually, it seemed to get worse. Now, we knew that my washing machine was probably really dirty, but I would have thought the cleaner would have helped. It didn't. So on Friday, I took the herd to escort Noodle to the airport and Mr. Smartypants worked on my washing machine. It was, in fact, very dirty. He compared what came out of the drain hose to toxic waste that was probably illegal in every state but Louisiana. So, yes, my machine was very dirty, but that isn't all. There is apparently a small catch basket that sits just outside the washing machine drum to catch larger debris before it goes into the drain hose. Uh, when he opened that up, he found not one, but TWO socks, clogging the little basket. Ya, two socks were causing my laundry nightmare. My washing machine was EATING MY SOCKS. So, if you think your dryer is eating your socks, think's probably your washing machine.

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  1. Well, my last washer croaked when it ate a sock for the third time. I thought I was safe with a front loading one this time...guess I better check it!