Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Awesome Deal Alert!!!!!!!!

It's clearance time at WalMart again!!! Grranimals are on sale now at my local WM. I got girls toddler size boot cut knit pants and a pair of legging capris for $1 each. I also got toddler boys short sleeve striped Tshirts for $2. Check your local WM for sale prices. It's time to stock up.
*If you don't have children that wear big infant or toddler sizes, I'm really sorry. This is a heck of a deal. I'll be checking stock at multiple WMs. Be careful, though. Some of the stuff at my WM was marked down incorrectly. For the least amount of hassle, find one of those scan thingies on the pole. Check the prices ahead of time and you won't have to get a headache arguing with the checker!

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