Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What I'm Reading Wednesday

Well, folks, it's that time of week again.  We're gonna take a peak and see what's on my bookshelf this week.  Last week, if you'll recall, I was reading sales ads and coupons.  This week is a different story.  With the twins in preschool  and as such napping in the afternoons due to school induced exhaustion and Noodle back in school, finally I have time to do a little for me.  Not much, mind you, but a little.  So I am actually able to read...some....when I hide in the bathroom...
Anyway, I am reading and I am ready to share the good, the bad and the ugly with all of you.  This week I'm reading Walking with the Women of the Bible by Elizabeth George.  This is actually a devotional book, but I'm reading it like it's a regular book.  This is a perfect combination for me because it is broken up into short chunks, as it is a devotional book, but the content of the chunks is good stuff.  There is lots of background information as well as insightful thoughts about women who appear in the Bible.  Even better, the author goes in order from Eve (of Adam and Eve fame) all the way through to the book of Hebrews, focusing anywhere from a page to several pages on each woman.  Some of the women we know well, like Eve, Sarah, Mary (mother of Jesus) and sisters Mary and Martha; others, we know very little about, not even their names like the bent woman in Luke 13:10-17.  It's the first book I've come across that has such an exhaustive compilation of women in the Bible.  You can check it out for yourself...I'm gonna go read a little more before naptime is over.

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