Thursday, April 16, 2009

And the winner is.....

Okay, after waiting several days to see if anyone else would put in their two cents (good thing I didn't really need two people would have left me broke) I had only two reality one of the suggestions was spot on. Lesli, of Keeping up with the Kovics, reminded me that my son has a nickname that has consistently been in use for years. She was could I, look for your prize in the mail in about six

The kid's nickname will be...


thats right, big story behind it. Lesli has always called him Noodle. She'll have to do a guest post to explain because I have no idea.

Thanks Debra for the other suggestions...they were great!


  1. lol...Sorry about that...I really meant to email you my suggestion! However, I can hardly remember to brush my teethe these days. My suggestion was going to be muffinhead....another Lesli nickname. I forgot about that better.

  2. HA!! Too funny-and I have NO IDEA where Noodle or muffinhead came from! I have just always called him Noodle...Hmm...I tried to come up with a great story that was clever and witty...but I got nothing...Just NOODLE-He is just my NOODLE-no reason really! Miss that boy!

  3. I do like noodle! I call my nieces blondie and red (because of their hair) or cheech and chong...he he