Friday, April 17, 2009


As another week has flown by, and I am one week closer to completing this whole look-like-I-swallowed-a-beach-ball thing, I am amazed at how quickly this weekend has approached. This weekend is to be a time of rest for mommy. A time of reflection and peace and quiet (I just hope I can stand it). I am scheduled to go on a ladies retreat this weekend to Branson. I was looking forward to it until yesterday. I opened my email containing the details of the weekend (which were FEW) and got a bad taste in my mouth. I am a little concerned that this weekend may not turn out quite like I was expecting. I am still going with the thought that I am being negative and need to get over it and the hope that my gut instinct to bail at last minute was not right. Pray that I get the most out of this weekend, that I allow God to use whatever comes my way to draw me closer to Him and give me the much needed rest I am looking forward to. In an effort to turn my attitude around, I tried counting my blessings. It seems I have been doing that a lot lately and it didn't seem to help the negative blah feeling go away, so I decided to look around me and be encouraged by the positive things I see. So here it goes....I AM ENCOURAGED...

I am encouraged by my best friend's effort to take care of herself for all the RIGHT reasons.

I am encouraged that my friend in Texas is using this opportunity to take care of herself too.

I am encouraged that although my husband is very sad to see me leave for the weekend, he is ENCOURAGING me to go because he knows how badly I need the break.

I am encouraged that I have a friend willing to step up and take my kids for a large majority of the weekend so I can do this even though my husband has to work.

I am encouraged to see the outpouring of prayers for total strangers all over the country.

I am encouraged to be a part of a women's ministry (although small) that wants to grow, love God, and love each other.

I am encouraged that I feel as well as I do, considering the size of this baby.

I am encouraged that now my attitude is improving.

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