Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The power of Corporate Prayer

I have an amazing "God story" to share today. It reminds us that God hears us when we pray and where two are gathered in His name, there He is also...

I would like to introduce to you Jenny. Jenny is a British citizen, living here at Ft Leonard Wood with her husband while they take care of their grandkids. The parent(s) is(are) deployed overseas right now. Jenny's husband is (as I understand) a US citizen (perhaps dual citizenship, I'm not sure) with the lovely accent. Jenny recently found out that her application for her visa extension had been denied. No one really knows why, other than our government has the power to do that. Apparently, according to the US government, she had over-extended her welcome here in America. She was going to have to leave her husband behind to take care of two elementary aged children to go back to England for 6 months before she could reapply to come back. She was understandably upset. The entire family was. There were phone calls made and paperwork rushed and everyone that could possibly try to help was helping. Her deadline to be out of the country was Thursday, as in day after tomorrow. She still had not heard anything. She had begun mentally preparing herself to go. Knowing that God hears His children when we cry out His name, the ladies at PWOC (my army ladies Bible study) gathered together to pray for Jenny and her situation. Ladies and gentlemen....always, always, always, remember that God hears us when we pray. Jenny got a phone call this afternoon informing her that she had been approved to STAY. The formal letter is in the mail. She will not have to leave those sweet children behind without a mother-figure after all.
We must all remember that, not only does God hear us when we pray, but He ultimately answers our prayers in HIS time. Even if that means we must wait until the last possible minute.

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  1. God is GREAT!!! Jenny and Ron are caring for the FOUR grandkids! There son is blessed to have them here while he is deployed. I'm sure its an imense weight lifted off of all of their shoulders. Thanks for posting this. I think its a great testament to the power of prayer!