Friday, April 10, 2009

Everyone needs a nickname

Okay, seeing as how I'm approaching 100 hits since I started counting on this blog that I was sure no one would read, I have decided to follow in the footsteps of so many bloggers gone before me and give my family nicknames to protect the innocent (or in my opinion, not so innocent). So this is the beginning of the nicknames and you, all my fabulous followers, will not only know the nicknames but why I chose them and the story behind my choices. Let's start with my sweet, darling hubby....

Now, there are a million and one things I could think of to call him depending on my mood, but I'll save you all from that and pick a name that describes him ALL the time...regardless of my mood. In my previous post I referred to him as Mr. Smartypants...and I believe I will stick to that. Oh, I could give him some sweet, loving name similar to MckMama's prince charming, or follow in BigMama's footsteps and just call him D. But that's not me...or him for that matter. Don't get me wrong, he's most definitely my prince charming. He rode up like the knight in shining armor (or dusty camo, if you will) and whisked me away on his silver stallion (which we traded in on the minivan pictured in the previous post....what a husband...gave up his man ride for a bus big enough for our brood). But romantic comparisions aside, he is by all accounts a smartypants, from his quick-whitted barbs back at me (notice I say BACK at me...I usually start it) to his knowledge of all things manly. He looks like a guy's guy...all muscle and beer, but in reality...he's a closet NERD. Yes, a nerd. A history nerd. Ask him what George Washington's favorite color was...he knows that crap. How many blades of grass were trampled at Gettysburg...yup, knows that too. Freaky, freaky smart. Our bookshelves are lined with non-fiction HISTORY books *gasp*. Could our house look any nerdier?? Makes my collections of Shakespeare, modern American fiction and Victorian poetry look puny in comparison. He's currently enrolled in college and is taking basic American History (the first half) this session. He complains weekly that his teacher has his facts wrong...seriously??? Would I have known if my teachers were feeding me incorrect information...not a chance. So Mr. Smartypants it will be.

The twins are easy. I have been calling them Itchy and Scratchy for the longest time. The oldest, with the short hair will be Itchy and the younger with the long hair will be Scratchy. Have to be fair about it and do it alphabetically. It's the only way to make it work. If you're wondering why Itchy and Scratchy, it has to do with Mr. Smartypants. He had roommates that he sometimes referred to as itchy and scratchy...and it sounds better than Frick and Frack. I started calling the girls Itchy and Scratchy and it just stuck for me.

The new baby will just be "the new baby" for a while. We'll have to see what he looks like and what his personality is when he gets here. If current conditions are any indication...he may just be called "the spaz". He's always movin' and shakin'.

The oldest boy will be next. I'm not sure about his. He is an animal of a different nature. We called him Chunky Monkey as a baby...certainly doesn't fit now...he's a pencil these days. Mr. Smartypants often calls him "the boy". Not unlike Johnboy. You, my faithful readers, might know the's your chance to put your stamp on my blog...send me your suggestions. If I use one of your suggestions, you will win a prize. Nothing glamorous, but a prize. So start thinking....send me a nick name for the boy. This is the next best thing to being able to name my baby.

Hmmmm....that gives me an idea if we ever decide to have more....

Just kidding....the baby factory will be closing soon....there will be unfertilized eggs in the unemployment line.


  1. I'm thinking Big Brother or BB. That's what he is!


  2. Ok he has a nickname...NOODLE! come on now you know! :)

  3. Ok...I have to know the Noodle story, somebody tell.