Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday's Tornadoes

Here's a regular Tuesday post for you. I've noticed that Tuesdays are the emptiest days in blog land. We all need something to read about or look at, soooo...Tuesday will be the weekly update of whatever mess the twins have managed to create...have fun laughing at me and thinking to yourself, "so glad that's not me".

This is Marin...she decided that the kleenex box needed to be emptied...on the floor.

So, being the mean mommy that I am, I made her clean it up....

She even put them in the trash. Way to go, Mar!!!!
(nice pic of my trash...sorry about that)

A few days later, we had our friend Audrey over for play time while her mommy went to the doctor for a check up. Being the genius that I am, I let them finger paint. Enjoy the artwork that was a product of great creativity. No VanGogh's in this bunch, but they might grow up to be killer tatoo artists.
This is our friend Audrey. She was the cleanest of the bunch...

Marin, slightly more mess here...
notice the back of the chair she's sitting in.

Sweet little Megan....walking art.

The week was so exciting with all the mess that the girls turned out sick on Monday. This is what twin tornadoes look like when they're under the weather....pardon the pun.


  1. My poor babies! I am telling you send them to me! Me and E are planning a road trip-I can't stand it anymore!

  2. too adorable. I am loving that face marin is giving you as mean mommy is making her clean up! And Meg is walking art!

    Miss you guys!