Tuesday, June 16, 2009

40 weeks and out of days to count

Okay, so today marks 40 weeks and I am officially out of days to count down. I am sitting here, posting this early in the morning before I trot off to the doctor for my last regular doctor's visit. From here on out it will be post-term appointments that will include stress tests and more than one doctor's visit per week. They take this whole post-term baby thing pretty seriously around here. I say just take the little brat out. He's beginning to over-stay his welcome in there at this point. Today we will set in motion a few things to start encouraging him to come out. As a VBAC patient (that would be vaginal birth after c-section for those of you less familiar with childbirth terms), I have the option of choosing to do it the old school way and push this kid out, or elect to do less work and just have them cut him out. The joys of undergoing a previous C-section. So, I'm a smart cookie for the most part and I know its better for junior if I can push him out. So that was my choice. Before I knew he would like it in there so much that he would want to stay until he's 18. Now, as I am itching to remove the welcome mat and send him packing to a cradle instead of my uterus, my thoughts turn to c-section more and more. This is the decision I have made. My doctor will most likely be stripping my membranes today (no, that isn't breaking my water, if you want to know what that is, ask a nurse or drop me an email and I'll explain....this is a family program after all), and as fun as that is (about as fun as a root canal), and as effective as it is (is typically effective to start labor within 48 hours) I will be notifying Doc that if it doesn't work, I want to change my mind and be a repeat c-section. So in other words...We'll do the procedure today, and go ahead and schedule a c-section just in case it doesn't work. I like to cover my bases like that.

Okay, seeing as how I have completely overshared with the world, and I'm sure you all were dying to know all about the glorious side of childbirth, we'll move on to other topics. Like underwater basket weaving (okay, so I'm a little short on topics today). If you want something really interesting to read, check out this blog. She's a desperate housewife from the middle of nowhere Oklahoma with a killer writing ability and one seriously well stocked kitchen. There is nothing about her blog that is boring. Funny stories about life on the ranch, her take on homeschooling her punks (because they live so far from town), remodeling advice (both given and sought out), gardening tips, a rancher with some serious forearms, and some of the best recipes EVER. Oh, and great contests...I'm serious, GREAT contests. This week she gave away a kitchenaid stand mixer. She's given away Wusthof knives, bbq grills, and baby socks. Check it out if you aren't already a loyal follower. It will brighten your day. www. thepioneerwoman.com

okay, really I have nothing. If I'm home this afternoon, I'll try to post some videos and pictures for your viewing pleasure. I'm kinda hoping you don't hear from me for a couple of days. Not that I don't love you all, but I'm planning a blogging vacation while in the hospital (only because our archaic hospital doesn't have wi-fi). Keep your fingers crossed the next post is a picture of a newborn!

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