Saturday, June 20, 2009

Still no baby

I figured that if you're logging on right now to check my blog its to see if I've managed to get this kid outta me yet. Well, the answer would be no. I hear the sympathetic groans of agony coming from all of you...and thank you for your support. I have officially given up, thrown in the towel, rolled over and played dead, whatever you wanna call it, on having this baby. I'm pretty sure we're gonna have to go in and get him. So I have resigned myself to surgery sometime next week. And I'm okay with that. So with that update out of the way, lets get on to something a little more fun.

The name that photo contest winner:

Lesli from Michigan!!! woo hoo. She was my only entry so she wins by default. There will be something cool in the mail for you soon. Her prize-winning entry?

"Now bubba, swing like you mean it!!"

Thanks Lesli for playing along.

For more entertainment are some more random pictures from the "Herd"

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