Friday, June 5, 2009

The post-doctor update

I could have soooo titled this and left it blank. That's the update....nothing. Nothing new, nothing to report, nothing. Can you all tell I'm getting discouraged, downtrodden, depleted, defunk, depressed, deflated....hummmm...wonder how many D words I can come up with.....anyway...this is sucking, frankly and I'm Done (how's that for a D word??) I'm in the home stretch and I'm ready to meet my sweet baby and love on him and share him with the world. Is it so wrong that I want you guys to be able to see the sweet little bit of Hawthorne (is that an oxymoron??? sweet and Hawthorne?) for yourselves? So here I sit. Still pregnant, still huge, still somewhat miserable. Oh, and for some icing on my cake today....all of you that were sticking your tongues out at me because I had only gained like 4 pounds, well, have your laughs now. I gained 5 (thats f-i-v-e) pounds in one week. Yes, you read that correctly. I gained more weight last week than I have my entire pregnancy up to this point. You may now laugh and point, I deserve it. That's what I get for opening my big mouth and being like, "hey, I only....." Shut up Haley. I'm in denial and blaming it all on the baby...he now weighs something like 35 lbs. World's gotta be.
With all that pouting done and out of my system, let me make sure you all know this: I feel fortunate that my baby is as healthy as he is and that my pregnancy, although long and never-ending, has been uneventful. I would much rather sit here and whine and belly-ache than ride the elevator to the NICU all day. I am thankful daily that I was able to be pregnant and I am thankful everyday that I am still pregnant right now.

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  1. I seriously can not wait to come and see you and meet the newest little (if he isn't the 35 lbs that we are all expecting) Hawthorne!! I am trying to figure out when...I'm guessing the beginning of July..after the 4th or around then! Love you guys! Praying for a 2 hour labor and that's it!!

    love you!