Wednesday, June 17, 2009

okay, I know I promised

I know I said yesterday that if I didn't have this baby then that I would post something entertaining for you to view. Well, sorry...I failed at both ends of the bargain. No baby, and no post. I was too depressed, too tired, and too much in pain from the doctor's visit to do anything but take a giant nap. Not really, I cleaned house, hoping that would help put me in labor, but it didn't work. I hate wasting housework like that. So, since I'm such a bum, I decided I'd better do some updating for you people today. The doctor's appointment yesterday was horribly disappointing. It was my due date (see previous post) and I was really hoping for a baby. Seeing as how I'm sitting here typing and not holding a baby, it didn't happen. I am scheduled to go back to the doctor on Monday, at which time I will have a stress test for the baby, they will check the amniotic fluid level and then I will visit with the doctor. After visiting with him (he's in the family practice clinic) I will truck back upstairs to OB and schedule my Csection for sometime next week. So there you have it...No baby, but I do have some entertainment for you.

This is Noodle's first baseball game of the season. Let me remind you that he is a 1st grader playing in a 3rd and 4th grade league. He's really doing well.

The twins enjoy the baseball games as well.

Itchy is all about the sport.

Scratchy, well, she is all about the crowd. A beauty queen needs to see and be seen.

And in the spirit of baseball and all things American and's a name that photo contest for you. Give me your suggestions for a title for this photo below. I'll select my favorite and if I remember, I'll send you something kinda cool. Not really. I will send you something cool. I promise. (and that is Noodle in the picture with Itchy)

So send me your titles. I can't wait! I'll announce the winner in a day or two, assuming this baby doesn't come soon. And at this rate, he won't.

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