Monday, June 22, 2009

Okay, so today wasn't so life changing

Well, bummer. Today's doctor's visit was good but terribly uneventful. The stress tests came back good. Baby is doing well and was kind enough to lay off the stubborn streak long enough to cooperate with the ultrasound tech. His little heart was beating well, my placenta looked, in the words of the tech,"surprisingly good for its age", and he is in the right position. What was slightly un-nerving was the amniotic fluid level which registered barely over 9. The normal range is 8-25, so we are still normal (whatever that means, who really is normal these days) but on the bottom end and more time will just mean less fluid. Which brings us to the doctor's visit that followed. Talk about disappointing. I have not made any progress. NONE. I am still dialated to a 1 (whoop-te-do) and still 50% effaced. No change from last week. This isn't very promising. With all that info combined, and the fact that I will be officially 41 weeks tomorrow, we will be going ahead with some intervention. Did you know they now do intervention for stubbornness?? Anyway, Wednesday is the big day, we hope. I will go in (if they have room for me in Labor and Delivery) and the docs are gonna try some non-medical tricks to see if I can go into labor. Just the standard break your water stuff. They don't want to give me a whole lot of meds because of the stress it can put on my uterus which has this giant scar from my last two children. Uteri (if that isn't the plural of uterus, it should be) that have scars like mine does have a tendency to rupture under too much stress. And that just wouldn't be cool. So, if the "non-medical" interventions don't work then off to the OR we will go. So there you are. The latest update on everything you never wanted to know about my uterus, (or uteri in general). Stay posted Wednesday evening for some pictures of the stubborn little creature currently living in my belly.

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